About Us

A Bethter World is a foundation started in 2021 during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. During that time, the people suffering the most were the ones that were already the most in need before. Therefore, the founder wanted to contribute positively to the world to try to tip back the balance. For this reason, our objective was set to better our world by contributing to projects focusing on education, healthcare, and research within the Benelux or in developing countries. We felt those are the areas we could contribute the best to.

Objectives and Policy

Please find our Policy Plan in pdf format below here
The main points of the policy can be summarized as follows:

  • The foundation will focus on improving Education, Healthcare, and Research within the Benelux and Developing Countries
  • The foundation will not be fundraising initially as it received a multi-year pledge from its current chairman which should be sufficient for the foundation to operate during its early stages.
  • The income will mostly be used to make external contributions (min. of 98% of it). The remainder (max. 2%) will be for administrative costs.
  • The directors will not be remunerated for their work.
  • The foundation will not make a profit.